OLD SCHOOL Water Decals

During May, one of my co-workers was cleaning out his house and found some water decals from a company that he used to work at. As you will be able to see from the photos, these are circa 1973 (in 1973 my mom was only in High School!). Anyway, I thought it was sweet that he brought these in for me and wanted to try them out right away (at work) which is why the photos are from my desk/iphone. I'll show you the pictures then explain a couple things.

OK, so the first picture is the "back" of the sheet of decals, it lists the instructions for use. It is fairly straight forward, soak in hot water for 10-15 seconds, slide off onto nails that have polish on them, pat dry with a tissue; add topcoat.

The second picture is the "front" of the sheet. The decals come in a handful of different sizes which allowed for use on all nail shapes/sizes.

The third picture is a photo of my nails with a coat of polish (it was in early May while I was in the midst of the challenge and forgot to write down the color - though I know it was one from the OPI Ballet mini set). The decals transfered great and lasted as long as I had on my polish (which was probably only 1 day, but still...) and it came off without any issues, just like "regular" polish.

The final picture of a photo of Amanda's nail. I asked if I could try one of her nail too, she didn't have any polish on at all as a base coat and I wanted to see if having a base coat really effected anything. Low and behold, a couple minutes after we were done and I had applied a topcoat we looked down and BAM, the decal had completly slid around and warped on her nail! It was a fun look, but didn't look anything like my nails, we were dying laughing about it.

I am pretty sure that you cannot get these decals anymore, and they probably aren't "healthy" for you since they were so old, not sure what ingredients were used to create them, but they were a fun way to add some accents to an otherwise super plain mani.

Have you ladies ever used water decals? What is your favorite brand?


  1. That is awesome and even more so that they were still intact and didn't disintegrate!

  2. Wow 1973! I wasn't even thought of lol. I didn't even know they did them back then. Amazing that they still worked fine x :-)

  3. Cute !!

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