GlitterFest: Sweet Summertime Collection - Water Wings

Today I am wearing the green color from the Sweet Summertime Collection - "Water Wings". Rachel describes this polish as follows: No swimming without your water wings! As a child, I had floaties of all colors. The colors I remember the most are neon green, pink, and blue. This polish is loaded with matte neon glitter, pink pearl glitter, and a shimmery blue.

Polishes Used:
-Nailtiques - Formula 2 Plus
-Sally Hansen - Parrot
-GlitterFest - Water Wings
-Out The Door - TopCoat

Do you love this, because I do!!! I decided to use two coats of Water Wings over a base of Parrot so the green really popped and I'm so glad that I did. The blue microglitters are shiny but of course, my camera didn't want to capture how pretty they are.

Speaking of "Water Wings", the weather has been hot and humid here in Pittsburgh and I really wish that I had a pool about now!!