Falling For Nail Art Challenge: Creepy Crawlers & AIS - Stamping over a Holographic Base

Happy Sunday! Today I am killing two birds with one stone and using one mani for both the Falling for Nail Art Challenge and Adventures in Stamping themes.

And here is the look that I came up with!

Polishes Used:
-Different Dimension - Nessie's Revenge
-Konad - White
-Konad - Black
-Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6
-Mash Plate 38

For the 'Creepy Crawlers' I decided to go with Spiders/webs. I don't really like spiders and we seem to have those house spiders all over now that the weather is cooler. I am not sure which I hate more, the thousand leggers or the spiders, lol. The spiders that I added to the webs are gross and creepy, we had grass spiders in our house one and it was terrible, these remind me of that type. (Gross, I know)

Source: http://www.ipm.iastate.edu/ipm/hortnews/node/2169

Sorry to leave you with that image, but check out what everyone else did!

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