Incoco Nail Polish Appliques - Into The Deep

Today I am going to show you the second set of Incoco Nail Polish Appliques that I was sent to review.

I selected the "Into The Deep Shade", which is described as, A black iron gate design over a deep blue base, this nail pattern makes for one complex and profound shade.

As with the first set of Appliques that I tried from Incoco, these were really easy to apply, and have a nice wear time.  Here are the instructions for application:
Step 1: Remove Cover
Step 2: Peel Polish
Step 3: Remove Silver Tabs
Step 4: Apply Polish
Step 5: Remove Excess
Very easy! My favorite part of these Appliques is that they are stretchy enough to have a perfect fit on your nails without wrinkles but aren't too stretchy that they rip when you're trying to apply. Also, since they are real nail polish, they remove with nail polish remover.
You can find Incoco here:
-You Tube

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