Broadway Impress Mani

Last week some of my nails broke during a very hands on training seminar I attended for work. Anyway, since I am not loving the look of the current natural nails, I decided to share with you a lovely set of Impress Press-On nails by Broadway.

As always, I was a bad blogger and threw away all the packaging without writing down what this pattern was called. What I like about these nails is the pattern, its really bright and summery and it reminds me of watercolor / butterfly art. I could probably do something like this myself with sponging or watercolor base and stamping on top (you may be seeing something like this in the near future...). What I don't like about the impress mani's are that the nails are never the right shape/size for my fingers/nailbeds.

Have you ever tried the Broadway ImPress press-on nails? What were your thoughts?

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