Nail Art For Nubs Link-Up

I know it's only been 4 weeks but I am glad that I'm sticking with the Nail Art for Nubs Link-up. I also know we were able to generate some interest from other short nailed ladies so you may be seeing even more manis in the link-ups soon!

Polishes Used:
-Kiss Marbleizing Polish & Pen Kit
-Out The Door

For this week's look I used another Kiss Nail Art Set; this time, the Marbleizing Polish & Pen Kit (you can check it out here), but you don't need the kit to create this look. All you need is 3 or 4 polishes of similar colors, the colors I used were all purple but adding pink or white or blue in this look would have looked really pretty as well. All you need to do it paint a base color, and while it's still wet add dabs of polish in the other colors and then use a toothpick or pin to swirl them together. I think I was pushing down too hard with the pen though because I sort of scrapped the bottom color off at points; however, once I added the top coat is easily smoothed everything out!

I hope you enjoy this look and make sure to check out what the other ladies did (and let me know if this look inspires you to try something similar)

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