The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Inspired by Art - Week 3

While the prompt, "Inspired by Art" may lead most to think, "Inspired by a painting"; there is so many other types of art out there as well, and today I wanted to capture something a little different. While my look didn't exactly turn out as I had planned, I am in love with the inspiration.

This is my art inspiration:

Source: http://www.designsigh.com/2013/10/unwoven-light/
This neat look is called, "Unwoven Light" and is an exhibition which captures light through these structural elements. From the site: Unwoven Light continues Park’s ongoing experimentation with the ephemeral qualities of light and how light affects our perceptions of architectural space. The artist began thinking about her installation by making a site visit to the gallery in July 2012, to experience the built and the natural elements of the space: its proportions and surfaces, and in particular its lighting conditions. Though immaterial, light is a critical structural element in each of Park’s works. Here she has utilized both the gallery’s lighting and the natural light that enters through the front glass wall.

And here is my nail art:

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Precision Lacquer - On Cloud 9

I wanted to create a similar look but of course I didn't have square glequins. Also, I used what I thought were white-ish colored ones which turned out to be pretty much translucent so it looked like I had just smooshed down my basecoat. LOL.

Anyway, this art piece is really cool and I'm a little disappointed in my look, but I do believe that I may try another mani using this piece as inspiration again in the future.

Check out what the other lovely ladies did for their art inspirations!

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