Eat Sleep Polish - À La Menthe

TGIF, am I right? I recently won a gorgeous polish from Eat Sleep Polish, À La Menthe and today I will be sharing my pictures!

From the East Sleep Polish Website: À La Menthe started as a custom, and because of its overwhelming love, it has been added to the standard collection! A very beautiful liner holographic polish, that is minty green (not grey). This is sure to catch they eye of bystanders in the sunlight.

So before I get into the pictures, just let me say that Caterina is just so sweet; you can tell that she is very passionate about her business, which is awesome.

This is how the polish arrived:

It came in the most adorable little kitty polish sweater to keep the polish warm!!!

And then there was this:

Photo from my Twitter account
Do you see that house in the background? Yep, she made that house for the polish to live in! Of course I am somewhat blocking the opening but can you see the windows in the back? She probably put so much time into this, how amazing is that?! So anyway I accidentally heavy handed it when I was carrying it and knocked the roof slightly ajar; so now it's carefully placed on top of my Melmer for safe keeping with the polish.

So anyway, onto the actual polish! (it's about time, right?)

I am wearing two coats of À La Menthe with topcoat in the pictures; isn't this a gorgeous shade. Also, I really liked that the polish came with a wide brush, I am so spoiled, but I only want to use wide brushes these days.

You can find Eat Sleep Polish at the following locations:
Although I received this polish as a prize, I can say without a doubt, it won't be my last ESP Polish!

Do you own any Eat Sleep Polish shades?

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