China Glaze - Off Shore Collection - Swatches & Review Part 1

You know that I have been loving all of the summer collections that have been coming out lately, and today I have the first half of the China Glaze Off Shore Collection to share with you.

All swatches are shown with two coats of color with topcoat
Feel The Breeze: Baby pink neon crème

I am a huge fan of pink cream polishes so I really liked this one. It was slightly thicker than the other polishes I am sharing with you today, but I would not classify this as a "thick" polish, and the color, love it! (I checked it against some of the shades from last summer's collection and it's a cross between Neon & On & On and Bottom's Up.

If In Doubt, Surf It Out: Mellow orange crème

This shade had a nice self leveling formula and application was nice and easy. I am not a huge fan of oranges as they remind me of fall and Halloween, but this is a nice shade.

Stoked To Be Soaked: Primary orange crème

The application of this shade was awesome as well. I do have to say I don't necessarily agree with the description from China Glaze; there is a an awesome sheer shimmer to the cream base of this shade which they didn't mention at all, extra surprise for me!

Sea's The Day: Rich red crème

This is one of my favorites of the collection. It's a nice red cream, but its a bright red, almost something neon but not exactly. Really like it and it had a nice formula as well.

Wait N' Sea: Aqua crème

Gotta love a nice blue shade for summer. This color was on the sheerer/thinner side, but as you can see, it's completely opaque in two coats. It reminds me of Sinful Colors Savage, but I think this is lighter (i'll have to do a comparison later)

I Sea The Point: Bright neon blue crème

Gosh, I love shades like this (although I don't wear them out too often I love having them on). This color had nice application, it did have a slight "blue polish" smell too it, which is to be expected sometimes; wonder what it is about the blue pigment...

Overall, I think part 1 of the collection is really pretty and since creams are my FAVORITE, this was a big hit. I like that the colors are bright colors and not 100% neons like some collections in the past. Everyone is really hitting it out of the park this year for summer collections.

Which of these shades is your favorite?

China Glaze® Off Shore is available as individual colors, plus two 6-piece box collections “Stoked To Be Soaked” and “Dune Our Thing”. Individual polishes retail for $7.50 MSRP and the 6-piece box collections retail for $45 each.  

Stay tuned for Part 2 swatches and review coming soon!
*Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*

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