Nude Leopard Print

To be honest, I haven't been wearing much nail polish to work lately, however, last week I decided to rock some manicures and this is one of them! I have been loving nail art over natural nails so much these days, something I never would have done a couple years ago, but I've just been seeing so many manicures using this style so I thought I would join in.

I love how this look turned out, I used Konad White polish over my natural nails and Pueen09 image plate. Because the image was so dense, I think that this design worked great with what I was going for, you can see a VNL but it's not so in your face and I LOVED wearing this. So simple. PLUS, I didn't have to spend the time waiting for my base color to dry, I just stamped directly onto my NailEnvy basecoat.

What do you think? Would you rock a look like this?

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