Daily Hues Nail Lacquer - An OOPS Bottle

I follow a lot of polish brands on Instagram, and recently I saw Jenn of Daily Hues Nail Lacquer post a picture that she had made a couple of "OOPS" polishes and asked if anyone wanted to purchase one. These were polishes that had nothing wrong with them, other than they weren't exactly the colors that she was aiming for when she mixed them. There were a couple bronzy rose-ish holo polishes so I knew I had to snag one up.

I am wearing one coats of "OOPS :)" with topcoat. I one coater, what?! Perfect!! Seriously though, how gorgeous is this shade? I know it was an OOPS bottle but Jenn may want to consider making this an actual shade, I'm sure that she wouldn't have any trouble making any sales. I loved wearing this and kept staring at my nails in the sun, in fact, I took a quick video to show you how holo and pretty this was so make sure to check out my Instagram later today.

You can purchase Daily Hues Nail Lacquers in her Storenvy Shop.

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