Incoco Double Take Duochrome Collection

Today I'm sharing with you the Double Take Duochrome Collection from Incoco. You know I love wearing Nail Polish Appliques so I was excited when I received the Double Take Collection for review. Incoco describes this collection as, "Deep, luxurious duochrome shades that shift in color depending on the light for an ultra-modern, sleek manicure."

Mesmerize: A metallic violet that turns to a moody green.

Opulence: An ornate design that shifts from deep metallic aqua to purple.

Hypnotic: A snakeskin print that morphs from metallic green to purple.

Enigma: A vivid burgundy metallic that transitions to golden copper.

There you have it. Aren't these pretty shades? My favorites of the bunch are Enigma and Opulence, but I like seeing Incoco getting on board with the Duochromes for fall!

You can purchase these are other stripes at Incoco.com.

*Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*

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