Twinsie Tuesday: Mani Orders from a Friend

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is Mani Orders from your Significant Other / Family Member / BFF / etc.; seeing as it's me, my husband, and dog who live at home, my husband got the lucky job of giving me my mani orders. I have to say he was not super interested in participating and after guilting him into it, he said, "do a mani inspired by Orange Is The New Black - orange nails with black stripes for prison bars". I think I mentioned before that we had been catching up on our Netflix after Pirate season was over, and we binge watched OITNB in October, so I wasn't completely surprised by his request.

Polishes Used:
-Barielle - Fire Me Up
-KBShimmer - Eclipse

Well, I showed him the look after I was done and he was not a fan. HAHA. He said, "Ummm I said orange with black stripes; not what you did." To me, this looks like a Halloween look, which I sort of hate, so basically although the execution of the look was completely fine, neither of us were happy with it. LOL. Soooo, this will probably be the last time he gets to be involved in providing "mani orders".

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