Twinsie Tuesday: Special Double Holiday

The Twinsies decided to get back together this week for not one but TWO holiday themed looks! The group has a nice mix of ladies, some who celebrate Hanukkah and some who celebrate Christmas, and those are the two themes.

I am not super familiar with Hanukkah so I did created this look which used the blue and silver shades that I have seen in Hanukkah decorations.

For this look I used two different blues and a silver, then added some blue glequins for fun. I love how the two blues work together so perfectly, in a subtle manner.  

Onto my Christmas look!

With this look I used the stamping decal technique to create the accent nails and I absolutely love how they turned out. I  have tried this technique before but this was probably my favorite attempt at it, and the matte finish gave this look a little something extra.

Time to check out what the other Twinsies created for this Holiday season!

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