Essie - Plumberry with Glitter

I hate Monday's. Pretty much every Monday. Always so hard for me to get up and go back to work after the weekends. Once I am at work I don't mind it, but getting out of bed on a Monday morning is just not for me. LOL.

Today I am wearing Essie - Plumberry topped with a homemade glitter :)

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Essie - Plumberry
-Homemade Glitter - I haven't named it yet; lol

In my photos, I am wearing 2 coats of Plumberry topped with 1 coat of glitter. Last month, I made this glitter during a girls night with my friend Brigitte of Color Me So Crazy. It has baby pink and black micro glitters and small silver hex all in a clear suspension base. Although, I have to say that the pink glitters look silver/gold in this picture. Still cute and simple, and next time I will probably try it over a lighter color like light pink, nude, or white. 

Have you ever made any of your own glitters/polishes?


  1. Why don't I own Plumberry???? It is amazing! :)

  2. So cute, and Plumberry is amazing! I've never heard of it before!

  3. Very cool looking! No, I haven't tried making my own polish yet. It does sound fun:)

  4. That subtle glitter give a great effect :)

  5. Ohhh this is so so pretty :)

    Jazz x

  6. That color is terrific! I had no idea it was so cute. Glad you did this mani or I never would know!