Hit Polish - Party Shardy

Last week I got together with my friend Brigitte from Color Me So Crazy. She recently started her blog so make sure to check it out. Anyway, we live in the same neighborhood and we get together for dinner on a regular basis. 

She owns a ton of polishes from Hit Polish, and I don't own any, so she let me try them out! It was hard to pick from but I decided on Party Shardy :)

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Finger Paints - Blue Raspberry Taffy
-Hit Polish - Party Shardy
-NYC - Matte Me Crazy

Isn't this lovely?! It looks so yummy, with the name of the Finger Paints and the sprinkle look of the Hit it reminds me of a Laffy Taffy. Party Shardy is described in this listing as: A clear base with small matte plum purple hexes, small hot orange (this is a tomato red orange color) and neon blue small hex glitters then I added neon blue shards as well as small hot orange bars. Love this!

Although I didn't purchase this polish, just borrowed it from Brigitte, you can purchase Hit Polish on their Etsy store here