House of Holland Elegant Touch - False Nails

Don't worry! I haven't grown long almond nails overnight, I am sharing with the House of Holland by Elegant Touch False Nails!

This design is called "Classy Nude" which I believe is referring to the classic French look. I have always loved the look of almond nails and I love seeing other bloggers or ladies on Instagram with them. As my nails don't really grow very long I could never have these naturally and I am not ready to get back into the acrylic scene, so being able to try them with these false nails was fun! I only wore these out for a day and then removed them (as with most of my manis). Removal was really easy actually, per the instructions, I used the foil method and they just disintegrated away, and after a little buffing with my block, my nails were back to natural/normal.

Would you ever rock nails like this? On a daily basis? For a special occasion? Never?

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