Twinsie Tuesday (on Friday): Special Anniversary Post

Happy Friday! Today I have something different to share with you, a Twinsie post of a FRIDAY! This marks the Twinsie's Anniversary and so we are each re-creating another girl's FIRST Twinsie mani.

I will be re-creating ChiChi's first mani, which you can see HERE. She joined the group in February 2012, and her first theme was FRANKEN!

I wasn't sure exactly what sort of Franken polish I would create but I decided to go for a polish similar to what ChiChi created; now onto the look!

For this Franken, I mixed up Essie - Need A Vacation, Milani - Twinkle, and Venique - Twinkling Glitter. I really like the shade that this came out as! The pink was the perfect amount to make it look like a nice jelly sandwich and I felt like it was a cute mix of glitters. Maybe I should go into polish making (Just Kidding!).

What do you think of this polish?
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