Cirque - Alchemy Collection Swatches - Part 1

As you know, Brigitte from Color Me So Crazy and I are neighbors in real life. I love it; not only are we good friends but we can also share polish super easy, which is perfect since she is always winning giveaways!! So of course, I borrowed her Cirque - Alchemy Collection polishes and I will be sharing the swatches with you over the next couple of weeks.

Chrysopoeia: A sunny marigold with a rainbow holographic finish

Mink: A chocolate brown with a rainbow holographic finish

Magnum Opus: A mysterious purple-charcoal with a rainbow holographic finish

Oh.My.Goodness!!!! Seriously what can I say about these shades? So pretty!!

I think if I was forced to pick a favorite out of these 3 shades, Magnum Opus would have to be my favorite.

Do you own any Cirque polishes? What's your favorite?

Stay tuned later this week for swatches from the rest of the collection.

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