Twinsie Tuesday: Grunge Nails

Today's theme in Twinsie Tuesday is Grunge Nails. I had previously done some grunge nails HERE, and for this look, I tried to do something different. I looked up "grunge" on Google and found a lot of plaid looks so that's what I started with.

To give it more of a "grungy" feel, I added some navy blue on top using the dry brush technique.

Polishes Used:
-Spoiled - Steel The Show
-Zoya - Pepper
-Zoya - Sailor
-Zoya - Hunter
-Zoya - Louise
-Essie - Bobbing for Baubles

And this is the final look! I definitely prefer the plaid look alone, but hey, I was just trying something different, probably won't be using this technique too often in the future.

Do either of these looks remind you of grunge? Let's see what the other ladies created for their grunge nails!

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