Twinsie Tuesday: Favorite Indie Brand

This week's theme in for the Twinsie Tuesday ladies is Favorite Indie Brand. I think all Indie brands are unique and have different things that make them special; I couldn't pick my FAVORITE. So instead I went into my box of un-trieds - it only had 2 indies, so I grabbed one, ILNP, My Little Glacier (H).

I am wearing two coats of My Little Glacier (H) with topcoat. This is a really pretty Ultra Chrome polish from ILNP. I had a hard time capturing all the prettiness of this shade, and I will have a video swatch up on Instagram later today.

The description on the site is as follows, "My Little Glacier (H) is a holographic version of the original My Little Glacier Ultra Chrome polish! The new My Little Glacier (H) contains just the right amount of holographic splendor to add a beautiful rainbow sparkle to the polish. All without ruining the intense color shift effect! Just like the original, My Little Glacier (H) is an incredibly sexy titanium blue polish that appears silver one moment, and blue the next! The new holographic twist gives this polish a beautiful ice cold rainbow sparkle - a perfect compliment! Don't be surprised if you catch subtle hints of purple, red, and even yellow from time to time."
As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't pick a FAVORITE indie brand, so check out all my indie swatches or mani's where indies have been used HERE.

Can't wait to see what brands the other ladies picked for their favorite, I bet you can guess some of theirs just from following these twinsie posts!

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