Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliques Review

When I was contacted  by Incoco to do a product review for them I thought to myself, "HECK YES", but I calmed replied and let them know which shades I wanted to try. I had seen so many positive reviews of Incoco Appliques and couldn't wait to try them out for myself.

I received two shades, Ballerina Princess and Into The Deep. I couldn't wait to get the appliqués onto my nails that I accidentally forgot to take pictures of the process, lol, but don't worry, when I wear my second pack I will try to take pictures of the process. PS. There are a TON of designs to pick from, including plain, glittery, French, etc.

I decided to start with Ballerina Princess, which is a "delicate silver etching pattern winds across an ombré of pink and lavender like a ballet shoe ribbon!"

The instructions are very easy, before you get started, clean, shape, and buff your nails before application. Note that you can stretch the strips gently for the perfect fit.

Step 1: Remove Cover
Step 2: Peel Polish
Step 3: Remove Silver Tabs
Step 4: Apply Polish
Step 5: Remove Excess

Here are the strips right after I applied:

I wore these for 6 days. I could have kept on wearing them because there was very minimal tip wear and they weren't peeling at all. In fact, the only reason that I took these off was because I needed to do some nail art for a couple of my nail art challenges. Here are the pictures from Day 6:

As you can see, these were wearing like iron. When I put the second set of appliques on I will make sure to have a couple blog posts lined up so I can wear them even longer.

A couple additional tips from Incoco:
-For best results, clean & buff nails before application. Push back cuticles.
-Use immediately after opening. Air will cause the nail polish to dry.
-Don't worry about making mistakes, as the strips can be repositioned.
-Stretch strips gently for a perfect fit.
-Apply thumbs last as you'll use them often during application.
-Remove with nail polish remover.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend these strips and once I am done with my second set, I will be purchasing more for myself, although I change my nails almost daily, these will be perfect for busy weeks, vacations, business trips, etc.

You can find Incoco here:
-You Tube

Make sure to stay tuned for my second set :)

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