KB Shimmer - Cheerleader

Today I have a wonderful swatch to you show. I recently purchased two KB Shimmer Polishes as a treat to myself and after recieving them, I know I will be getting some more. You can check out their website here.

Cheerleader is described as: "In high school, kids tend to divide into like minded groups. This polish is part of the collection based on high school cliques. In a lot of teen movies, the popular girls tend to be cheerleaders. All pink and peppy, this polish is our shout out to those that live for team spirit. A pink jelly that has a hint of purple, this polish is loaded with white, purple, and blue matte glitters, for a unique polish full of depth."

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Wet 'n Wild - Through the Grapevine
-KB Shimmer - Cheerleader
-Out The Door - Topcoat

I decided to layer this polish over one coat of Through the Grapevine. I have to coats of Cheerleader. I love this polish and unlike some glitter polishes, I was able to get all of the different glitters out without having to fish through the bottle. I really like this mani so I may end up keeping it on for a day or two (who knows - hehe).

Do you have any KB Shimmer polishes? Which ones? What's your favorite or on your wishlist?