SensatioNail Review & Photos

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was planning on doing shellac polish on my nails with the SensatioNail nail kit that I got for my birthday.  I'll start with the photos.

So overall impressions:

1. After doing it first of my mom's nails, I def. think its easier to do on others than on yourself, which is opposite of how I feel about normal manis.
2. Everything comes in the starter kit lamp, cleaner, primer, base/topcoat, color, orange stick, nail file etc. This was nice because I didn't have to buy anything separate.
3. The lamp plugs into the wall, which is OK, but I ended up doing my mani on the living room floor because the cord wasn't long enough to reach the table.
4. Easy instructions, buff, cleanse, base/top coat, 2 coats color, another coat of base/top coat, clean and done!
5. I think I got a dust particle on my ring finger during the first coat of color or basecoat and that's what is happening with the random spot on that nail.
6. I had heard in other reviews that there can be pooling at the cuticles and I did notice that with the base/top coat. I purposely tried to stay away from my cuticles with the color because I didn't want pooling and it was sort of hard to wipe the polish off with normal cleanup between each coat.

Overall, I really like them! My nails are shiny and smooth. I will provide an update on when they start to look bad or peel (if they do) and removal as well. My mom will be taking hers off first so hopefully I will know the perfect method before I take mine off. (I heard gel polish remover with the foil method? Has anyone else heard this?) Fingers crossed this doesn't destroy my nails!

Have you ever done your own shellac nails or gotten them done at the salon? Is there a brand of shellac polish that you prefer?

P.S. Hope to have my 200 follower giveaway soon :)


  1. Foil and acetone. There will be some residue on your nails, use an orange stick to push it off. The little bit that is left can be buffed off. Love shellac. Hate the color choices. Like Gelish better. :)

  2. Pretty pink! I'm sure the foil method will work,like Sue says. You can also use regular polish over your gel and even do nail art.You can remove it and leave your gel color intact.I read a couple of bloggers who do that.One is queenoffriggencrap.blogspot.com and the other is Adventures of a Nail Tech,not sure of the url.

    1. Awesome, thanks for the tip! This is my first time using Shelac nice I started doing manis on a regular basis, so good to know I can paint over it if needed :)