Let It Snow! Challenge - Christmas/Holidays

Happy Saturday! Good thing yesterday wasn't the end of the world; because we wouldn't have been able to see all the ladies cute Christmas/Holiday themed manis!

I decided to do something simple with this theme, I just couldn't decide so it's sort of a cop-out, but here we go:

Polishes Used:
-Tammy Taylor - L.A. Red
-Ulta - X-Dry
-Glequins from BSP

I started with a base polish of Tammy Taylor's L.A. Red; this was in my untried pile and it's a very pretty red, however, it does photo a little "tomato-y". I added the silver and green glequins for a fun pop of glitter. Overall, very simple, but would be cute with an all black look for the holidays. 

Hope you all have a good holiday season and make sure to check out the other ladies looks!


  1. This is very cute and the red is a fantastic red.

  2. Understated and therefore classy. I would not have thought of using the glitters.

  3. This is so elegant and pretty. I adore it. :)