Liquid Lacquer - Little Bow Tied Men & Lounging Lily

Continuing on with my Liquid Lacquer kick, today I have Little Bow Tied Men, a special polish that Melissa showed some swatches of but never ended up making to sell. As soon as I saw the sneak peek swatches, I knew that I needed it as its Black and Yellow! Pretty much anything that I can wear for Steelers, Pirates, or Pens season (if we ever have hockey again) I am going to snatch right up, so Melissa was sweet enough to make a bottle for me.

Here we go!

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-OPI - Alpine Snow
-Liquid Lacquer - Little Bow Tied Men

This is a super pretty sheer polish with yellow and black glitters and a super slight pink shimmer to it. It's really pretty and I think this looks great over the white base that I selected. 

Next up, we have Lounging Lily. It is similar to RBL Aqua Lily, and its gorgeous, don't you think? I am going to show you two rounds of photos, without TC and with TC. Own it's own it has a really pretty "soft" finish, so here we go!

This is two coats of Lounging Lily and it is just such a pretty polish. I love the pink shimmer to it, and the pictures don't do it justice. This was a HUGE seller during Melissa's last restock and I think you can see why.

Are you loving all of the Liquid Lacquer polishes that I am showing? I have a special treat coming up soon so make sure to stay tuned. 

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