Holiday Happy Hour - Guest Post by Creative Nail Design By Sue

Today is the final guest post of my Holiday Happy Hour series; and I think we are finishing with a bang, thanks to Sue of Creative Nail Design By Sue. I have gotten to know her this past year through some seasonal challenges and polish groups. She is so nice and her freehand skills make me weak in the knees!


When Stephanie asked me to do a guest post, I couldn't resist.  Firstly, she agreed to help me judge my recent nail art contest which was a daunting task.  I felt I needed to repay her.  Secondly, the banner she designed is amazing!!!  Cocktails and manicures are the perfect combination.  I found some holiday wallpaper with a cute little elf and wanted to recreate it.  I knew it would take some time and required quite a bit of detailed, intricate work but I just thought it would be so cute if I was successful.  The little elf is sitting on the edge of a snow covered mountain drinking a cup of cocoa that she pulled out of the sky.  I hope you enjoy......

Here is the little guy up close and personal....

And, here is the inspiration picture.....

Could Stephanie have come up with a cooler banner?????  I don't think so!!!!


How AMAZING is that little elf!? Too cute!!! Thank you so much Sue for showing us this awesome mani!!! 

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