Jindie Nails - Burrrberry & Tried and True

Today's Jindie Nail polishes are "Burrrberry" and "Tried and True". These two were the original polishes that made me want to get Jindie polishes in the first place.


Jen describes this polish as: "Burrrberry is another one in the Winter Chic collex. It has a white cream/jelly "crelly" base with several sizes of glitters in all the berry colors including blue berries, magenta, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry (wine colored) glitters. It's super cute and no fishing required except maybe for the larger blue holo glitters. I put a lot but you might have to work a little harder at getting those out."

I have on 3 coats plus Gelous and OTD in the photos. I really like the colors of glitter that were selected for this polish, and I was able to get one of the large blue holo glitters without any fishing, so its a fun accent that just happened to end up on my accent nail! My only issue with this is the formula. It was sort of hard to explain, it was light, but thick? I just didn't think that it spread as well as possible. Overall look though, really nice.

Tried and True:

Jen describes Tried and True as: "Tried & True is a special polish I made to send out as a gift for some special people. It is NOT in the Winter Chic collex. It's another white crelly with lots of different colors of metallic glitters including gunmetal, silver, magenta, bright royal blue, purple, teal, lavender & pink. It's super cute and no fishing required. Great full coverage in 2-3 coats."

It's similar to Burrrberry in tones but has more blue tones to it. I don't see any teal glitters, but that may be because I call those ones light blue? I have on three coats with Gelous and OTD. I found this formula to be very easy to work with, and I really like this polish.

My only issue with both of these, is the new mini bottles. I don't really like them because I feel like I can't "fish around" in them for glitters. Guess I should have just bought full size ;-) 

Out of Burrrberry and Tried and True, which do you prefer?

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