Jindie Nails - Check The Candy & Barbies Have More Fun

So over the weekend I decided to go ahead and swatch all the new Jindies that I purchased, and this has now turned into Jindie Nails week! lol.

Today I am going to show you Check The Candy and Barbies Have More Fun. Both are, my favorite, white jelly bases!

Check The Candy:

Jen describes this polish as: "Check the Candy is a super fun polish that is meant to be worn on it's own or over white. It has barbie pink, hot orange and neon blue matte glitters in a white jelly/cream base. This one does apply easily with lots of glitter on the brush each time you dip."

I have on three coats in the photos with a Gelous and OTD top coat. I liked this polish because all the little glitters came out easily without finishing. However I don't really see an orange glitter as described, more of a blue, red, pink mix. Either way, I really liked this shade and it applied nicely. 

Barbies Have More Fun:

Jen describes this polish as: "Barbies Have More Fun is another one in the Winter Chic collex. It has a white cream/jelly "crelly" base with barbie pink and black matte glitters. This one was in a clear base but I thought it would be more original to make it a white base since I haven't seen that done yet. Hope you all like the new version :)! I haven't shown it to anyone until right now! It's super cute and no fishing required."

I really liked this polish as well, and have on 3 coats plus Gelous and OTD. It had a nice smooth application, but I was a little disappointed that the glitters weren't bigger and the pink ones weren't getting onto the nail as much as the black ones were.

Overall, both of these polishes are very "me", and have nice application. Which of these two is your favorite?

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