Jindie Nails - Stompin' Glibert Grapes & Snow Angel

Final day of my unofficial "Jindie Nails Week". Today I will be sharing "Stompin' Gilbert Grapes" and "Snow Angel".

Stompin' Gilbert Grapes:

Jen describes this one as: "It has lavender, grape & bright pink glitter all in a white creamy base. Pictured is 1,2 and 3 coats on their own. This is super cute and fun! Stompin' Gilbert Grapes applies super easy, no glitter fishing required at all."

I have on three coats plus gelous and OTD. This base isn't as white as some of the other Jindie Nails polishes but I think that this is really pretty. All the glitters came out super easy and applied evenly too. 

Snow Angel:

Jen describes Snow Angel as: "It has a pale blueish/teal colored base with multiple shapes and shades of iridescent color shifting glitter, satin matte turquoise & teal holographic hex and pink round dot (hard to find) glitters scattered throughout." 

This is a really pretty shade of teal and you know I love teal polish! I have 3 coats with Gelous and OTD for the pictures. I do wish it was a little more jelly and less creamy, it's hard to see all the glitters. Also, there are a couple large white glitters in the polish but I could not get any out of the bottle even with fishing :( I think this is in part due to the fact that I got a mini and as I mentioned yesterday, I am not in love with the new mini bottle shape when it comes to finishing for glitters.

Overall, I like both of these these polishes. Which would you choose in a showdown?

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