Pretty & Polished - Mannequin Hands & King of C-C-Cool

During the Holiday break, I picked up a bottle of Pretty & Polished - Mannequin Hands. I had my eye on this for a while, and when it was re-stocked I jumped on the opportunity to pick it up. I have been loving neutrals lately and this fits right into that category.

Polishes Used:
-Pretty & Polished - Mannequin Hands

Chels has this to say about Mannequin Hands on her Etsy site:
"Mannequin Hands was born out of my love for natural neutral polishes. I really enjoy the look of not wearing anything but I wanted a polish that was a little more fancy and girly. Mannequin Hands has a very light skin tone base and is packed with pastel pink hex glitters. A good choice for work attire!"

I have  on two coats for the pictures, and although it is not completely opaque, it gives your nails a nice pretty, and soft look. 

I really like this for a fun twist on plain neutral polish!

Next up, we have King of C-C-Cool.

Polishes Used:
-Pretty & Polished - King of C-C-Cool

Chels has this to say about King of C-C-Cool on her Etsy site:
"King of C-C-Cool represents the Ice King from the cartoon Adventure Time. The Ice King is a blue dude packed with a grandeur mass of white, red, blue and yellow glitters." 

I have on 3 coats in the pictures and feel that this is pretty opaque. The application was nice and smooth as well.

Which do you like better? I know both are very different, but today, I am loving the blues so my favorite would be King of C-C-Cool.

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