Summer Mani Challenge - Neon French

Happy Saturday!

Today I have Week 5 of the Summer Mani Challenge - this week's theme is Neon French. Since it is summer there have been a lot of neon mani's floating around the nail community and I love them all, but they are a bitch to capture color.

Anyway, here is my neon french mani:

Polishes Used:
-Essence - Rebel Delight
-MASH - Strawberry
-Zoya - Tobey
-Poshe Topcoat

So they aren't exactly "french tips" but close enough, and you get the idea. I love this mani and since I used the Strawberry shade from the MASH scented neon set, they even smell good too. I love doing tape mani's like this because you get such nice clean lines.

Are you getting sick of neon mani's yet or do you love them?!


  1. Not getting sick of these neon manicures! There so fun right now :)

  2. This is really beautiful!!! Love the colors!

  3. Hinestly, I'm not a fan of a tipical french design but your neon version is awesome :)

  4. gorgeous! love the nude :)

  5. Love this! not a huge fan of neon pink, but can see myself easily adapting this to other colours :)

    1. For sure! There are so many color combos that this would look great with!

  6. I love this the colours compliment each other beautifully. lovely
    New followers here look forward to seeing more

    Carrieanne x