Crumpet's Nail Tarts: Tri-Polish Challenge

Happy Tuesday! I am very excited that it's the time of the month for the Tri-Polish Challenge. The colors for April are Orange, Pink and Teal. I like all of these colors so I hope to have some fun mani's coming up.

This month I decided that I wanted all three of my polishes to be from the same brand  / collection so that they all sort of had the same finish to them, so here are the polishes I chose:

These Bonita polishes don't have names on them, so we will just call them orange, teal and pink; and here is my mani!

I went with a simple dotticure for the first April mani. I like how simple and bright this is, the only thing that I wish was a little different was the pink. It was hard to show up overtop of the orange. The pink is very pretty on it's own which you will get to see later this month. 

Do you like this mani? Would you wear something so bright?

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  1. Cute manicure! I joined this group recently and wanted to do this challenge but decided to wait and do May instead so I had time to think of some manicures ahead of time.

  2. soo cute and how awesome are those colours! :)