MASH Scented Neon Nail Polish Set Review - Part 1

Hello Lovelies! Today and tomorrow I will be showing you the MASH Scented Neon Nail Polish Set. I was recently sent this set to review and all of the colors are nice and bright for spring. 

The set consists of 6 colors (and corresponding scents): Red (Cherry), Pink (Strawberry) Orange (Orange), Yellow (Banana), Green (Lime) and Blue (Fruit Punch). Today I will be sharing with you the yellow, green and blue shades. 

Yellow / Banana:

I have three coats of polish on to achieve the above pictures. The application was smooth and even.

Green / Lime:

I have two coats of polish on in the above pictures. This polish was slightly more opaque than the yellow and definitely smells like lime!

Blue / Fruit Punch:

I have two coats on in the above pictures. While you can still see a VNL, I liked how this looked with two coats. 

These and other MASH products can be found here: MASH Website

Stay tuned tomorrow to see photos of the Red, Pink and Orange polishes along with my final overview/thoughts/review of this polish set!