Pahlish - Coney Island Queen Collection - Part 2

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am back with Part 2 of the Pahlish Coney Island Queen Collection. I will be sharing with you the two neutrals of the collection, "Coney Island Queen" and "Mind Like A Diamond".

First Up, the namesake of the collection, Coney Island Queen:

Shannon from Pahlish describes this polish as a "creamy nude base with two sizes of rich metallic gold microflakes" . This is a great nude if you are looking for something work appropriate but want a little something extra instead of a plain nude. I have on two coats of this polish topped with Gelous and No Time.

Next up we have Mind Like A Diamond:

Shannon describes this polish as a "creamy greige base with shimmering charcoal and taupe microflakes". This is a really unique gray polish and I love that it has such dimension; it even has pink and blue and gold shimmers which were a pleasant surprise. This is definitely one of my favorite polishes from the collection. I have on two coats of color topped with Gelous and No Time. 

Stay tuned for the final 2 polishes and a wrap up of the entire Coney Island Queen Collection.
You can buy these polishes and more on the Pahlish Etsy Site.

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  1. Great neutrals from the collection :)

  2. Both of these look gorgeous on you. Your skin tone just makes every neutral look perfect!

  3. These two are lovely, I have a thing for neutrals lately :)

  4. Coney Island Queen is one of my faves from this collection! Looks lovely on you!

  5. wow I love these. Gahhh I want to buy this collection but I've spent too much on nail polish this month already!