Pahlish - Coney Island Queen Collection - Part 1

Hey Loves! 

I recently purchased my first Pahlish polishes and I decided to jump into the deep end and buy the ENTIRE Coney Island Queen Collection. As suspected, per my friends recommendations, I was not disappointed at all!

Today I will be showing you Sweet Venom and Singing In The Garden.

First Up, the lovely pink shade known as Sugar Venom:

Shannon of Pahlish describes this polish as "creamy neon pink with intense pink duochrome microflakes and scattered metallic berry accents" This is actually one of my favorites out of the collection since it's pink. I love that there are some subtle shimmers / microflakes in this polish which make it special and unique from other pinks that I own. I have on two coats of polish on in these photos topped with Gelous and No Time. 

Next Up is the green of the collection, Singing In The Garden:

Sharon describes this polish as "creamy sage green base with multichrome teal-pink glassfleck shimmer and scattered metallic olive accents". This shade is exactly as described. It is a gorgeous shade of green and isn't obnoxious like some greens. I love this. This is two coats of polish topped with Gelous and No Time. 

Stay tuned throughout the week to check out the rest of the Coney Island Collection!
You can purchase these polishes and more from the Pahlish Etsy Shop.

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  1. They both look awesome! I really like Singing In The Garden, so unique :)

  2. Ooh I love Singing In The Garden, I have a soft spot for greens at the moment

  3. Singing In The Garden is amazing!