Adventures In Stamping - Leafy

Happy Sunday Loves!

Today's theme for Adventures in Stamping is "Leafy". I have a couple stamping plates that have "leafy" designs, none however that just have just a "leaf". ANYWAY, lol, here is my leafy mani.

Polishes Used:
-Essie - Absolutely Shore
-Fresh Paint - Pistachio
-Konad - Special Green

With fall upon some of us, I figured a lot of the other ladies (and gents - James :)) would be doing fall colors, but when I think about the term "leafy" it usually ends in "green(s)", so that's what I went with. This looks pretty leafy to me and was very simple, it's fun. 

I did a SUPER SUBTLE saran wrap mani underneath the stamping, with Absolutely Shore & Pistachio. Here are the photos from that!

Which look do you like better? The stamping or the plain saran wrap mani? (I think I like the plain better)



  1. This looks so awesome, I love how you did the subtle saran wrap mani underneath!!

  2. Wow how lovely, love everything about this mani

  3. Wow! Really pretty. The stamping mani is the coolest one!

  4. I love the stamping more but both are nice!

  5. I love both I have to say, even tho I love bright colours I think the plain mani is soo pretty, must be the colour :)
    PLease check out mine blog too :) http://troublemakeronheels.blogspot.co.uk