CH Nail - Glow In The Dark Polish Review

I was recently contacted by Born Pretty Store to do a product review. I was really excited about picking something from their site to review and with Halloween coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to try my first glow in the dark polish. I choose a cool blue/green/teal one, which you can see here:


Since this was my first glow in the dark polish, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to wear it over-top of another color or on my natural nails so I opted for natural. As you can see - the nail polish goes on pretty much clear, there was a slight tint to it, but barely noticeable. 

After I had held my nails by the light for 1-2 minutes I figured that they would be "charged" enough to glow, and boy was I right!

You will have to excuse the blurriness of the pictures, my shutter didn't want anything to do with the glow in the dark / non-flash pictures, however you can CLEARLY see that this does an awesome job of glowing in the dark. 

-AWESOME glowing power! 
-Clear polish allows you to wear this over any "regular" mani for a fun surprise
-Comes in 12 different colors, blues, pinks, greens, etc.
-Purchased from Born Pretty Store - so it was FREE SHIPPING

-Not sure if this polish is 3Free
-Seemed to want to soak up my OTD topcoat; however, since this is my first glow in the dark, perhaps that is just how they are all formulated?

Overall, I think this is sooo fun and will definitely be wearing this to my Halloween Party!

Born Pretty Store, has tons of accessories and supplies for all your nail art needs; and in addition to their always free shipping, they are giving my lovely readers 10% off all orders with the following coupon code, so make sure to check it out!

This polish was provided by BPS for my honest review. The opinions are solely my own.


  1. Cool perfect timing for Halloween aswel, can't wait too see what looks you come up with x

  2. There gorgeous! I love the idea!

    Jazz x

  3. Holy cow, that is one of the brightest glow effects I've seen! There's nothing worse than picking up a polish because it claims to be Glow in the Dark and then finding a wimpy glow! this one is awesome! :]

  4. That glow is really strong - and it's cool that it's blue :)