Adventures In Stamping - Let Someone Else Choose

Sunday Funday!

This week's theme in AIS is Let Someone Else Choose the plate or image. I let my husband not only choose the plate & image but also the colors. He is a big Washington Redskins fan so he picked Redskins colors. lol. Men.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Finger Paints - Autumn Blaze
-Konad - Special Yellow
-Plate BM-321

This isn't really a color/pattern/combo that I would have chose for myself. I would have done either pink ribbons over white or white ribbons over teal, etc. Anyway, I am not sure that my hubby loved this but he said it wasn't too bad - we were both a little disappointed that the yellow wasn't more opaque.

Still looks fun and I like supporting his team every now and then ;-)

I guess today, in addition to GO STEELERS, we have to say GO REDSKINS!


  1. LOL @ the menz! My boyfriend is a Redskins fan as well and we're going to the Redskins/Bucs game this weekendand after he saw me reading this he goes, "YOU BETTER BE DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS"

  2. I like them :] It does suck about the yellow though, Konad yellow is on my to buy list, but I thought it'd be a lot more opaque.